The strength,

To consume an entire forest,

Destroy a village,

Refuse to yield,

To another force.

It drowns the sky,

In a wave of tar,

And fills the battlefields,

Of war,

In just a day.


It can reignite,

Something forgotten,

That now,

Burns bright,

Our heart, an incinerator,

Fire, fuelled by desire.

Kinetic energy warms the air,

As our breath,

becomes heavy.

Windows grow foggy,

It only takes one look,

For us to grow naughty.

So we can widen,

Like a seed,


We make love,

Become free,

And this continues,

As moments turn into days,

And blonds turns into grays,



We soon feel the heat,



We don’t retreat,

Watching the blaze,

From our seat,


We wait,

To be reborn,

For eternity.

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