Fire wall

Make a connection?

With this fear of rejection,

How long will it take you,

To notice that imperfection,

Upon my formal inspection…


My thoughts start to race.


I wish you could see me,

In our reality,

For all that I can be,

Behind this wall.


Overrun by a billow of haste.


But, I can’t turn around now,


This I cannot allow,

I’ve come too far.

To not know you at all.

Behind my wall.


Maybe this is something we all face?


A fear that is so real,

Like Achilles’ heel,

In cannot be repealed,

so we stay concealed,

Behind our wall.



A little human interface,

Is enough to efface,

This inclination,

Enough time to detach.

And plan the incineration,

Of my wall.


I see the escape hatch,


Open the latch,

Quickly look back,

Enough time to strike up a match,

Just in case,


To burn down my wall.


With grace,

I fall,

To your embrace,

And now know,

I cannot be replaced,

Now that you can see me,

For all that I can be.

Now exposed.

No longer reposed.

Behind my wall.


I have no wall,

No firewall.

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